What is 6 foot 8 and decided to make the trailer 9 inches too short…

…Sam. After our celebratory cocktail for “finishing” the base of the trailer, I got to measuring. We needed to get specific measurements to draw pixel-perfect plans for the rest of the trailer on this really awesome, reminds me of grade school, graph paper. Well I measured vertical heights, distance from the back and front to the wheels, width and lastly…length. I thought the last vodka soda was making my math skills subpar, or rather causing vision impairment, because the trailer was measuring 10 feet. On, the, dot. Thats a nice solid number, don’t get me wrong, its just not the number it was supposed to be. Due to the necessary components our trailer needed to be 10 1/2 feet long, with an extra 3 inches for wall space. 9 inches. We were missing 9 inches. 

There may, or may not, have been an argument about who decided to omit the additional 9 inches…resolution: it wasn’t me (<- note to all significant others who want to be immortalized for being right…start a blog, and then be the one who narrates said blog…you can always be the “right” one in the story).

Sam came up with a great approach to adding the necessary length to the trailer…I have no idea what to call it, so I will explain it in the form of pictures. Oh, and please excuse the mess that is my garage. The trailer is inside for now.

1st – Sam cut 4 pieces of wood the width of the trailer. Two where 9 inches wide, and would be the additional 9 inches in length we would need. The other two were the side panels (we were making a box).

2nd – Sam cut small pieces of wood to help with the structural integrity.

3rd – Sam assembled the box, with the layers of extra support.

4th – Magic! No – Gorilla Glue. Sam glued, and screwed, it all together. And then he tacked that baby on to the back of the trailer.

5th (not pictured) the lid went on, and more flex seal was painted for water proofing.

And voila! The trailer is now 10 feet, 9 inches long. Notice that I did none of the above work…that’s because, if you recall, I did not decide to make the tailer 9 inches too short (love you, Sam…mean it, I swear).

That’s all for now folks. I am going to go get my holiday season kicked off, in the form of a Gingerbread Camper.

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