We have a floor…

…kind of, sort of, not really. A better caption would be that we started the floor. 

We set out on Sunday with every intention of completing the new floor for the trailer. Remember, we removed the planks of wood that it came with to make room for a proper floor structure.

The plan was rather simple…we were making an insulation board club sandwich with plywood bread. The bottom bread would be made of MDO, followed the the insulation board meat, and completed with the cabinet-grade maple plywood as the top bread.

Because the trailer is going to be larger than a single sheet of plywood we needed to piece together a few different sheets (3 sheets per bread layer to be exact) in alternating patterns.

We took an off-centered “T” approach to piecing things together, and the plan was to rotate the top piece 180 degrees so the weak areas were countered the the strong areas of its plywood counterpart (bottom bread).

All together, the sandwich will be 1.75” thick. This will require us to pad the bottom of the trailer frame with 1.25” of AZEK in order to have the top of the sandwich flush with the rim on the trailer, but that step will happen a little bit later.

We began construction by cutting the two types of plywood to size. Once cut, we laid the bottom bread pieces out on the floor of the garage to see just how precise our cuts were…eh, they were good, but Sam thinks they could have been better (good thing I wasn’t the one doing the  cutting ha). 

We had read a lot of blogs where DIYers were using biscuits to join the plywood pieces together, but instead opted for pocket holes due to the added strength…queue pocket hole jig and a whole lotta drilling of holes. 

Once all the holes were drilled we added a line of wood glue at the seams, butted them up to each other, and began screwing bottom bread together using 1.25 inch pocket hole screws

It went quickly, and despite a small gap in one of the top seams, was relatively flush throughout. 

From there we got to framing out the space for the insulation board to go. I lied…this is less of a Club, and more of a Monte Cristo…deep fried with a 1×4 crust.

Some people use wagons, we use our kids’ red F150

All four borders were cut, glued and nail gunned in to place. Challenge is…we ran out of 1x4s. Womp womp. 

So that is where our progress came to an end, and our bloody mary consumption began.

Next step is to add 3 cross frame pieces made of 1x4s, add the insulation board in between, glue/screw together top bread and get this puppy assembled.

Til next time…when we remember to buy the right amount of wood…

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