Hic, hic, hic…


We ran into our first hiccup at the end of last week. I am sure it is just the first of many, and arguably a small one. We realized after getting most of the essentials removed from the trailer that there was a WHOLE LOT MORE angle grinding we needed to do.

There was a metal pipe that encased the existing electrical wires (the ones we removed) that after further review had to be take off, too. There was also a horizontal metal strip that needed to be taken off, and lastly the fenders needed to be removed. 

The metal piping was a b*tch to take off. The soldered seem was much harder than the metal itself. It also seemed to spit shrapnel like metal scraps at me whenever it felt I needed to be more humbled in the process. 

We removed the tubing and the horizontal metal strip. We were hoping to be able to salvage the fenders, but alas…no dice. They are going to be taken off next, and we will need to (much much later on in the process) find new ones to replace them.

Here is what the trailer looks like this morning, including some additional black spray paint to prevent rusting on the newly exposed metal areas.

Almost there – just need to remove the fenders

Next steps: fender removal, base floor installation. 

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