Cause baby you’re a…


Today we began modifying the utility trailer to accommodate the camper. The trailer we purchased was intended for landscaping equipment, etc., so it had railings on all sides and a ramp/tailgate. Given that we needed a flat surface to start off with, we needed to get rid of all that stuff.

Queue the angle grinder (note: someone let me use an angle grinder)

We started by removing all of the existing electrical components from the trailer (break lights, blinkers, yada yada yada). While I worked away with a ratchet wrench and wire cutters, Sam got to work removing the wood plank flooring (we will be replacing that with something else later on).

From there we got out our angle grinders, yes we have two, and began setting off sparks like the 4th o’ July. Luckily the metal was really soft, and cutting through it was very quick.

We spent some quality time sanding down the, now sharp and definitely dangerous, metal edges. 

I decided about 2 days ago that there was no way the wheels on the trailer were staying white. So, we opted to go very subtle and paint them high gloss black to match the trailer body. A quick trip around the corner to Advanced Auto Parts, after some more exhaustive research on what is the best paint for painting rims, and we were in business.

The paint we opted to use is called Dupli-Color (although, I just keep thinking its Duplo color…because all I hear about these days is how awesome Duplo Legos are).

We bought both the Wheel Coating in Gloss Black, as well as the gloss top coat. We decided not to take the wheels off the trailer, as we were nervous there was not going to be enough weight to easily losen the lug nuts. This meant a whooooollleeee lot of tape.

Wheel prep completed, 6 quick coats of paint (10 minutes in between each), and viola! No more white rims.

On a separate note, the foldable mattress was delivered, and we opened it up to let it regain its size…I still find it amazing how vacuum packaging works. Took a quick test run when it first got out of the package (already breaking the rules), and it seems pretty cozy.

Here’s what the trailer looked like throughout the day today:

Going to go pour a glass of bubbly and admire my new shiny rims. Catch you all on the next step. 

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