What day is it…?

Trailer pick up day! This entire week has been like Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come, or the 4-5pm hour leading up to margaritas after a long ass work week. 

I was so excited I barely slept. Yes, this makes me both lame and dorky…but dorky is the new cool, so I’m pretty on trend.

We already purchased the trailer last week, but given work schedules and distance, today was the earliest we could pick it up. 

If you didn’t read the previous post (or do not recall) we purchased a new, last year’s model, Carry-On 6×10 foot Utility Trailer. We found her at an awesome shop down in South Jersey, Franklin Trailers (unsolicited note: for anyone in the market for a trailer PLEASE visit these guys. They have a solid amount of inventory, are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and are competitive with prices).

So – after a daycare drop-off, 5 mile run (husband is training for his second marathon, cough cough over archiver cough cough…just kidding, love you), coffee refill and playlist queued on Spotify… off to Somerdale we went.

From parking the car to driving away with the trailer was about 10 minutes. Little known fact: we YouTubed “how to attach a trailer to a hitch” about 5 minutes before arriving to pick up said trailer (here’s a great video if you need it). Second little known fact: we bought the hitch about 30 minutes before arriving to pick up said trailer. As you can see our organizational skills are top notch.

We detoured to my favorite nursery to pick up some Leyland Cypresses that were too big for the bed of the truck, and then off to home we went, with the newest member of our family (yet to be named).

Parking was…interesting. After 2 failed attempts, and three circles around the block, we had her in the driveway, unloaded the Leylands and then did the most important thing to date.

What was it that we did, you ask? 

Ghost Ride the Trailer!

Back to seriousness – we had a feeling that we may have to replace the tires on the trailer to accommodate the necessary clearance, account for minor off-roading/potholes, etc. But, to our surprise the tires on the trailer are likely going to work. So despite the ugly white rims (hey there spray paint) I think we will be set. The existing tires are Taskmaster st205/75d15. Are they state of the art, no. Will they work, we think so…and that’s good enough for now.

Next step, at this point, is yet to be determined. But, we have off on Tuesday and daycare is open…so there’s bound to be something new going on. Til then…Happy Labor Day.

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