Whatcha gunna do…?

Ghostride the whip!

Note: this is not at all related to the actual building of our camper. But, I am getting antsy waiting to pick up the trailer, so I figured I’d share a little personal victory.

So for the last 8 years or so my friend Kim (“Bad News”) and I have been trying to convince my husband, and any of our other friends’ boyfriends/husbands for that matter, to let us ghostride their whip. 

For those of you who do not know what ghostriding is…here’s a little tutorial:

Ghostriding 101

Ghostriding the whip requires the following:

  1. Put your car in drive
  2. People hang, stand, dance (you get it) on top of the car
  3. Bonus points if the driver gets out and does some stellar dance moves next to the car while its still rolling.

Disclaimer: Kenz and Sam do not recommend, nor endorse, Ghostriding any whip, as it could pose harm to yourself, your surroundings and your car.

Well, anyway…Sam was a hard “no” to ghostriding the VW Golf and the Nissan Pathfinder. When we got a pick-up truck I knew this was my opportunity; we could ghostride in the bed of the truck. NOPE. Sam is apparently a stickler for safety. 

Fast-forward to this week when I get the following text message from my husband: 

Proof of Sam, finally being cool

Stay tuned. We pick up the trailer at 10am on Friday, and I will be ghostriding that B no later than 10:01am.

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