To market, to market…

…to market, we went. The first Teardrop purchase was made. A mattress.

The Mattress

The mattress was easy. We had already done a smidge of research, and knew which mattress we were going with. This is the option we chose:

Converts form queen size mattress to the “sofa” in the picture

There were a few requirements we had when it came to the mattress:

  1. Needed to be a queen. We have a queen at home, and anything smaller wouldn’t work for us.
  2. Needed to be the full 80 inches in length. A lot of the foldable mattresses are only 78.5 inches long. I know that sounds silly, but with Sam being so dang tall every inch mattered.
  3. Needed to fold into a “couch”. A lot of the foldable mattresses are not folding for dual use, but instead storage…so they tri-fold. We wanted one that converted to a couch so on days we got stuck in the trailer due to weather, or just laziness, we had a place to sit. The other issue we ran into was that a lot of the mattresses that folded did not fold into a couch meant for adults per say. This one seemed to fit the bill, and was super easy to order off of Amazon. 

…and 45 minutes later we had a trailer (not in our possession, but on our credit card statement). 

The Trailer

It wasn’t the easiest process finding the tailer. Most of the plans we have seen, or blogs we have encountered, use either a 5×8 or 6×12 trailer. We wanted neither of these. Of course. That would have been too easy. Based on the rough sketches we determined we wanted a 6×10 foot base. We believed, based on our very rough sketches, that the cabin footprint would be ~6×10.5. The 3” overhang on either end of the trailer was not going to be a challenge structurally, and we did not want to extend to a 12 foot trailer…that was just a bit too big for our storage space.

Finding a 6×10 foot trailer, in New Jersey, that was not $2,000+ was a challenge. We finally found the perfect one at Franklin Trailers in South Jersey. It was the prior years model, and fit all the parameters we set out looking for: price, size and weight allowance. 

Carry-on 6×10 Foot Utility Trailer

We go to pick her up next Friday, so until then I will just be here dreaming about camping.

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