The beginning of the madness…

…and, depending on how the next 5-10 months go, possibly the end of our marriage.

This is me, Mackenzie.
This is me, Kenz
This is Sam, my husband

About 2 weeks ago Sam (husband) and I decided to build a teardrop camper. From scratch. Together. There will definitely be a lot of yelling, and frustration, but the goal is 3 sided:

  • Spend our evenings, post-kids-bedtime, doing something more productive than binging Netflix
  • Challenge ourselves with a project a bit out of our comfort zone
  • End with something that will allow us to explore the outdoors with our two kids for many years to come

For those unaware, here is what a Teardrop Camper looks like:

Let me tell you a few things about us:

  • We have never been camping in an RV, let alone a teardrop camper
  • We have only minimal to moderate understanding of electrical wiring
  • We have 0 understanding of automotive logistics (wheels and tires are two different things…who knew? Sam, that’s who…not me)
  • We have never welded a thing in our lives
  • We have minimal, if any free time as is
  • We like to challenge ourselves with, potentially, unrealistic projects
  • We love the chance to get to be creative and strategic
  • Sam loves woodworking
  • Kenz loves designing things
  • We all, kids included, love being outside

We have been spending a lot of time reading up on Teardrop Trailer construction, and the other things we know very little about. We plan to document this, for no better reason that it will keep us accountable, and also maybe one day our kids will read it and confirm their assumptions that their parents are crazy. No better time than the present to jump in, so…here we go.

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