Nice to meet you :)

I’m Mackenzie (Kenz)! I live in New Jersey with my husband, Sam, and our two kids, Elliot (Ellie) and Noah.

Sam and I love camping, hiking, being outdoors and essentially not sitting still. Since having kids, our time in the great outdoors has been a bit limited. Ellie joined us in the summer of 2016, and Noah followed 2 years later.

We moved to a new house in 2018, right before Noah was born, and have been spending a ton of time getting it fixed up.

About a month ago neighbors of ours rolled back into town after a weekend away towing this adorable red camper. I had honestly never seen one like it. I later learned that it was called a Teardrop Camper (or Trailer). Of course, I couldn’t resist Googling, and after hours…literally, hours…I knew we needed one.

It was the best of both worlds: controlled camping.

I found the trailer I wanted. Unfortunately, that trailer came with a hefty price tag.

Sam loves to build things. He is currently underway building nightstands that our fiddle leaf fig tress will grow through the middle of (I’ll go off topic and share pics when he’s done).

Thus an idea was born…we could build a teardrop camper. Some light reading proved this to be true. There are tons of plans online to help guide, even a novice, in building a Teardrop.

This blog will be chronicling our journey from the idea to the national park as we embark on building, and adventuring with, a Teardrop Trailer.

Stay tuned!

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